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Curly Gift Guide


Curly Gift Guide

Gina Naranjo

Top 5 Gifts.png

It's that time of year again, where we make our list of the amazing presents we want to receive, along with a list of the very best gifts we want to give! I tend to think us curly girls are pretty easy to shop for, although my husband would argue otherwise, whateva. This list of the top 5 gifts for the curly girl in your life is in part for you but kind of for him as well. I mean, you might want to email him the link or post this to your FB so your friends and fam get the message, just saying, a little help in the right direction is nice, right? Most of the wavy and curly haired women in my life would know why I want and need all of the things on this list, but others might wonder, "What in the world is that diffuser used for and why does anyone want a towel as a gift?" But ya'll get me and this list is for us!

1. Appointment with A Special Curly Hair Stylist

Is there a hair stylist you've wanted to try but their schedule is too full or their prices too high? Well put them on your list! I love giving the gift of an experience, and getting your hair done by someone you've been stalking on IG, or beyond, is a gift in itself. Unfortunately, you will likely have to be very specific with this gift request on your list but go for it, I definitely am =)

Fave Hair Stylist.jpg

2. Curly Hair Product Gift Sets

Who doesn't love a freaking gift set?! This is a great way to try a bunch of products in one line at a discounted price. There's so many great lines, including our Cheeky Curls line and holiday gift sets!

If there's a hair care line you've kinda tried but need to see what else they're working with or have your eye on a particular product, now is the time to take the plunge. Also, if you have a fave line already, you can stock up big time. 

Cheeky Curls Holiday Gift Set.JPG

3. Hair Diffuser

Sooo, I have to admit the diffuser I use is archaic. It's horrible. I really want a new one, ahem...someone send this request to my husband...But seriously, I have no idea why I haven't broken up with my old diffuser, I'm definitely attached and I need to let go. I've secretly had my eye on the Curly Co. and the Segbeauty Portable Diffuser

If you need additional diffuser options, check out this great article from Bustle.

Curly Co..png

4. Specialty Towels for Curly Hair 

This is actually a great stocking stuffer and something I'd love to give to a curl friend and receive as well. Now, don't get me wrong, I use old t-shirts (and sometimes paper towels) to dry my hair and they work fine in reducing frizz, keeping in moisture and thus creating a better curl. Not to mention t-shirts are far superior for drying our hair than regular towels, but I'm intrigued by The Curls Like Us Curl Cloths They seem legit, have great reviews, comes with a convenient hang tag and fits like a turban for fast and easy drying. There's a bunch of hair towel options outlined on Naturally Curly, pick the one you'd like to see in your stocking on Xmas morning!

Curls Like Us.png

5. Curly Pride T-shirts

There's so many super cute t-shirts for us to wear in support of our naturally curly locks. One of my faves has been Pelo Malo Where? meaning, Bad Hair Where? or Big Hair Big Dreams from Dear Naturalista . Instagram has a plethora of options or you can get creative and make your own and give them out as gifts. 

Pelo Malo Where.png

Hope this gift list has helped you to complete yours! Whatever you get or give this holiday season, hope it comes in the spirit of love and light. Tis the season to drink, be merry and have amazing hair, mwah!